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Upgrading to Version 2.0: Important Steps

Version 2.0 was rolled out to Super Skeleton, Reaction, ShapeShifter2, and Reason! Read about all of the new features here: http://mdnw.net/update-logs/superskeleton/index.html There are a few extra steps that you'll want to take if you're updating from the 1.X version of the themes: 1. Fill out the new Theme Options. These are both required now: - Front Page Slider > Auto-play and Duration must be filled out. - Image Behavior > Image Height Cropping must be filled out 2. Re-assign the "category filters" for pages. We're saving these in a new spot on the database now, so take a moment to re-select your filters. 3. Re-assign your menus from Appearances > Menus. If you run into any issues with fields not saving, make sure that you've uninstalled the version of OptionTree (plugin) that you were using before. It's not longer required as it is now bundled with the theme. Also - make sure that any

wrappers around your entered values inside each field (ie: custom CSS) are removed (this was a bug in the early 2.0 releases of the theme - fixed in 2.0.3 and all versions after). Note: Don't delete the old, stable version of your theme. If you run into any issues, it's super easy to revert to the old version. We're even adding a "2.0" to the end of the theme folder for the next couple updates to allow you to essentially have both the old and new version of the themes running at the same time.