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Option Tree 2!

July 21st - Big announcement: OptionTree 2 released this week, bringing all sorts of new awesomeness to our theme options panels (and some headaches). It's a complete re-write of the admin panel, so if you want to use the new OptionTree 2.0 version, head over to ThemeForest and grab the latest copy of your theme. As of July 21, all of our themes will include OptionTree 2.0 inside the theme folder... you don't even need to install the plugin anymore as it will be included in your theme folder. Sweet, right?! That means you don't need to install the plugin yourself unless you want special developer tools (which I really don't recommend to any but the most advanced users out there). The new workflow to install your themes is this: 1. Upload and activate the theme. 2. Visit Appearances > Theme Options. Fill out the options. That's it. Easy right? No more "importing XML" files or anything like that. Just install the theme and you're good to go. === Legacy Users: If you're using an older version of our themes and can't update your theme to the new platform for some reason (ie: you made a bunch of theme customizations and don't want to update all of your theme files), don't fret if your options won't load. To work around this, remove the existing version of OptionTree 2, then download the old stable version of OptionTree 1 here: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/option-tree.1.1.8.zip - then install it from your Plugins > Add New > Upload panel :) I repeat - if you're on an older version of our theme (ie: you downloaded it before July 20th), you MUST use OptionTree 1.1.8: http://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/option-tree.1.1.8.zip - Upgrading to OT2 will break your stuff. That sucks, I know - but it's the way it's gotta be. DO NOT, under any circumstances, hit the "Reset Options" button and hit "Save" - this will delete all of your theme options. Check out the official OptionTree support forum for more tips and to report bugs: http://wordpress.org/tags/option-tree