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Localization, Internationalization, Translation... How's it work?

This theme is ready for translation but still require you to actually do the translating (either manually or though a plugin) as I don’t speak any language other than English.

What does this mean? It essentially means that the theme has been coded so that it’s ready to accept multi-language translation without you needing to sift through the code. It’s “internationalized”, if you want to use WordPress developer’s lingo.

For true translations into native languages, I recommend the “Code Style Localization” Plugin, which is available for free in the WordPress plugins directory.

Find more details and instructions on how to create the translations here: http://www.code-styling.de/english/development/wordpress-plugin-codestyling-localization-en

Essentially, you’ll need to create a custom .PO file with the plugin, fill in your translations for each text string used in the theme, then use the plugin to create a .MO file that will be used for the theme. If you’ve done a lot of translations in the past, you’ll know you also may need to do this for each involved plugin.

In summary though - we're following the official WP codex on providing the proper code markup for this - there's not much actual support that we can do here as we're all English-only speakers though.