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Please read our new support policy: http://makedesign.ticksy.com/faq/268
Read the official statement on each ThemeForest product of ours: http://themeforest.net/item/atlantica-the-classic-blog-portfolio-theme/5319932/support

Summary: We're no longer supporting products after the first 6 months of their life cycle. Of course, we'll have a period of several weeks while we transition over to the new policy, so if you've filed a ticket before September 14th, 2013, rest assured that you'll get an answer as quickly as we can get to you! All of the old questions and tickets are still searchable of course (we're talking thousands of previous tickets), so please use the search feature to see if an answer is already there waiting for ya! Oh, and we'll still be releasing updates for all products when WP updates require it or when bugs are discovered. That's not going away.

To be clear, products that will be actively supported include: Atlantica, Action, Good Bones, Swift, Nitro, and The Big Day. All other products are officially being phased out of active support so that we can focus on providing professional support for the more current themes. You can still file tickets for another couple weeks, but we'll begin closing down the products beginning in September.

Why? We've been releasing bi-weekly and monthly updates for many of these themes for well over 3 years... In short, we believe these products are as good as they're going to ever possibly get without entirely recoding them from the ground up. So, we're now selling those products "As-Is", without any expectation of support from our side. We know that'll upset some folks and we'll honestly do our best to still get some replies out, but the simple fact is that we'll never be able to focus on releasing great new products if we're spending a ton of time answering questions about the old stuff.

"Argh! That's frustrating!" We know. That's why we're coming up with a nice pack of freebies for anyone who wants to sign up to get the new themes as soon as they become available (before they show up on ThemeForest). We'll let you guys know about this as soon as we have it setup!


Thanks for submitting a ticket! We'll do our utmost best to get back to you in a timely manner. We request that you do the following while you wait for us to respond:

1. Turn off any additional, non-theme-recommended plugins that you have running
2. Update your theme to the latest version available on ThemeForest
3. Update WordPress.

In some cases this will patch up problems before we can reply ;)

Additional things that you can help with include:

1. Clearly identifying a single issue per ticket (please file one ticket per issue - it's faster this way, promise :))
2. Include a screenshot so we know what to look for
3. Include a description or walk-through so that we can replicate your issue (including the browser and version)
4. Include a clearly described "end-goal" so we understand what you are trying to do
5. Include login credentials if needed.
6. If you no longer need help on a ticket, please update/close that ticket if you can.
7. If you still need help and have the itch to comment on that ticket, we don't recommend it as it will put your ticket at the bottom of the queue (we don't control this - Ticksy does).

More often than not, your question has already been asked, so please use the search function with a couple different variations of possible key words to search other tickets that have been filed before you.

Oh, and we'll be clearing some stale tickets that appear to have been answered, are no longer relevant, or were solved over on ThemeForest. If your ticket is mistakenly closed, just respond to it and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible :)

Until then, check out the FAQ section here to see if your question has already been answered. It's the big green button at the top right of the screen ;)

There's also the full video tutorial library [ http://ow.ly/aI9kW ] and the general support tips guide [ http://ow.ly/aI9iF ].

We generally man the support desk from about 9am - 5pm Pacific time from Monday - Friday. If there are a lot of tickets, it might take a while... just know that we are working hard to get to your ticket!

IMPORTANT: Read our official support policy: [http://makedesign.ticksy.com/faq/268]. It covers what we can and cannot help out with.

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