Hi Everyone and Happy New Year!

Welcome to the MDNW support forum. We are here to help Monday - Thursday (Pacific Standard Time) with the following:

  • We support basic theme questions & bug reports (and to some degree - feature requests).
  • We don't ever support customization requests, new or modified functionality, plugin integrations, hosting issues, etc.

Please refer to our Support Policy for more information & the Official Statement on each ThemeForest product of ours.


Filing a support request: Please read the following and provide as much information as possible to clearly illustrate your issue and endgoal. I try my best to get back to everyone between 24-48 hours during normal business hours, and providing enough info is key for me being able to help. Please note that ticket times can range from 24hrs to 5 days depending on the que.


If you have any questions, feedback, or issues, please file a ticket and include the following:

01: Update all plugins & deactivate all (non-theme-included) third-party plugins

02: Re-download & re-upload a fresh/stock/updated copy of the theme

03: An active URL to the elements in question that we can check out. (If you're working on localhost, unless its a known issue, unfortunately it's hard for us to help unless we can see a live example.)

04: Screenshot(s) to help illustrate the issue, as it will help us understand and diagnose the problem.

05: A walkthough on how to replicate this issue on our end

06: An endgoal of what you would like to achieve and or what you would like us to do (for example "fix it" isn't always applicable)

07: A temporary login if necessary (as a private ticket or as a private response to a public ticket) so that we can further diagnose the issue

08: If you have multiple questions please open individual tickets to help expedite your tickets.

09: Don't forget to re-read your ticket! If it doesn't make sense to you, it won't make sense to us ; )


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Additional Information:

We do our best to answer all tickets within one business day (during business hours). You're information from the checklist above will help us help you faster. If it appears the issue is plugin-related, we may kindly ask that you contact the author of your plugin/code for support. Each time you post, your ticket will get sent to the bottom of the queue, so it's best to wait for a response before posting again to ensure your ticket is answered as fast as possible.

Cheers! Charlie

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